Earth to run out of oxygen in a billion years from now

March 08, 2021 | Updated 4:37 pm

Earth to run out of oxygen in a billion years from now

According to a recent study, the earth will run out of oxygen after one billion years from now. Conducted by Kazumi Ozaki and Christopher T. Reinhard, the study of the research were issued in Journal Nature Geoscience called “The future lifespan of Earth’s oxygenated atmosphere” back on March 1.

The research work predicts that in just a billion years, with the solar system continuing its life cycle, the Sun’s temperature will increase so much that the heated up atmosphere will break down the carbon dioxide.

Scientists working on this research found proof of this after combining climatic model and bio-geochemistry to survey the timespan of an oxygben-rich condition our planet’s atmosphere. In this research, the scientists sought to find the tipping point for life on Earth and when the planet will no longer be able to sustain plants and animals.

In order to do so, they crated a simulation of the Earth which went over variables that takes into consideration the climate as well as geological and biological processes, and most importantly, the activity of the sun.

“We find that the mean future lifespan of Earth’s atmosphere, with oxygen levels more than 1% of the present atmospheric level, is 1.08 ± 0.14 billion years”, the researchers were quoted as saying.

The simulation also showcased that as the sun grew hotter in about 1 billion years from now where it will be releasing more energy and the carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere will begin to dip due to the gas absorbing the heat and breaking down.

Due to this, the ozone layer will also get burned away as per the scientists. They also said that the sun will run out of energy and destroy itself.