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Nothing Ear 1 TWS Review: Affordable See Through Earbuds

The design definitely got my attention, it’s unique, transparent, and looks expensive.

WE HAVE the much hyped Nothing Ear 1 with us today. The product has been created by the famous Carl Pie, the co-founder of OnePlus. Pie left OnePlus in September 2020 to start a new hardware venture called ‘Nothing’. There has been so much hype about these TWS that got me eager to find out if it really is worth? Let’s check it out…

The design definitely got my attention, it’s unique, transparent, and looks expensive. I would not mistake them for a cheap product which the market is filled with.

The material is plastic but the fit and finish is great. It’s difficult to pull off a transparent design because more often than not, you can see the glue mark, the congested mechanics inside but this one is good. Although, just the stem is transparent and not the actual ear bud, but whatever is visible, looks good! Even the cover is transparent, I can’t miss the red dot inside the cover for it means the right ear bud goes in, same red signal on the right ear bud as well… smart tech! The cover has a magnetic lock and c-type charging port which means your ear buds are safe and get charged faster but its easily scratch-able, for protection you can use cover but that kind of defeats the purpose of transparent.

The quality of the product is good, you get three customisable liquid silicone tips which fit well, they are soft and its got mesh design so they stick to your ear even when they are sweaty. Each earbud weighs 4.7g, so they are comfortable and don’t fall out of the ear that easily, a problem I face with other TWS.

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Nothing Ear 1 has quite a few features to flaunt, for instance Active Noise Cancellation which uses three high-definition mics, has 2 modes Light and maximum – Use light for moderate environment and maximum for louder environment like a market place. The Clear voice technology helps reduce the destructive background noise every time you are on a call. They also have a designated app which supports additional features like Find My Earbud, In-Ear Detection, Gesture Control customisation and the EQ, which means you can customise your music experience

Which brings me to the most important aspect of any earphones and mostly your reason to buy — the sound!

The music sound quality is good, you can customise the EQ with treble, balance bass for personalised music experience. The bass is good, microphone quality is decent I would say because on calls I do hear the background disturbance outdoors, indoors they work well.

The hardware is powerful with a big driver, 11.6mm to be exact which ensures 5.7 hours of listening time and up to 34 hours with the case. The product gets IPX 4 Water resistant rating and is available at ₹6999.

To sum it up, I would say they are good looking, fulfils all your basic TWS needs and are pretty reasonable as compared to the competition.

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