Twitter Employees Quit En Masse As Elon Musk’s Decisions Lead To A Storm

In the last week, the company fired 3,700 employees to cut costs, and then fired employees who openly critiqued Musk.

Elon Musk (Photo: File Image)
Elon Musk (Photo: File Image)

New Delhi: Mass resignations after Elon Musk’s ultimatum to his employees in Twitter, is just another tale in the never ending saga of the Billionaires takeover of the social networking site. Hours before a deadline that Musk gave Twitter employees to decide if they want to be part of Twitter 2.0, hundreds decided to take the three months severance pay and leave.

Employees who made that decision are tweeting out their goodbyes. Hashtags like #RIPTwitter and #GoodbyeTwitter trending on Twitter’s What’s Happening section just hours since the deadline finished on Thursday evening.

Yet Musk, who made the $44 billion takeover just this month, has tried to maintain his nonchalance, with his tweets depicting that nothing would bring him or his new acquisition down. Reports of critical employees to twitter having left the company, and a complete shutdown of the offices until November 21 – with all office buildings temporarily closed and badge access suspended shows not all is okay.

People were even tweeting tombstones with Twitters bird inscribed. While Musk’s reaction to it was a tweet celebrating on high twitter usage: “And…we just hit another all-time high in Twitter usage lol.”

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In the last week, the company fired 3,700 employees to cut costs, and then fired employees who openly critiqued Musk. One New York Times article said chats on Slack messaging system were sifted through to find and fire those dissenters. Very publically too, was one engineer of Twitter fired on Twitter by Musk, after he talked back to the new, erratic boss on the social media site.

And now his decision to ask for a pledge of loyalty — reportedly giving them just 36 hours to decide — has backfired with the mass resignation. There’s speculation that employees who have decided to leave, include designers leading Musk’s Blue verified project, along with the lead web engineer.

There’s also news that employees who maintained critical infrastructure have also resigned which may seriously affect the normal operations of the site – with Down Detector observing a surge in Twitter outages.

Musk reportedly, before the end of the deadline to choose to stay or not with Twitter, had dialed back on his stand to have no work from home. He had earlier asked employees to come into to work and give at least 40 hours, according to reports.

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Later though on Thursday he emailed saying that “all that was required” for remote work was the “approval” of the employees manager, who would take “responsibility for ensuring that you are making an excellent contribution.”

But in typical fashion that has come to represent Musk, he emailed staff saying “any manager who falsely claims that someone reporting to them is doing excellent work or that a given role is essential, whether remote or not, will be exited from the company.”