Kerala: Fake Oximeters With False Readings, Poses Health Risks

While coronavirus cases are on a downward trend, scams seem to have no end.

Fake oximeters in Kerala’s markets are posing a grave threat for Covid-19 patients. These oximeters show readings when placed on fingers, pens, wooden sticks, or anything at all.

Oximeters are crucial, especially since patients with dipping oxygen levels have to be admitted to hospitals immediately. However, if an oximeter itself shows a fake reading, things can get concerning.

The normal oxygen level of a person should be 97%. If the level drops under 90, the person should immediately seek medical help.

The increased demand for oximeters has resulted in decreased stocks of FDA-approved oximeters. This eventually led to duplicate devices, which were marketed at much higher rates than the authentic ones. The illicit market of duplicate oximeters not only provides incorrect readings but also lacks a proper warranty period.

“Pulse oximeters are very important instruments in saving lives as far as covid 19 is concerned. As we are aware, oxygen saturation is very important especially when a lot of patients are getting treated at home. We cannot compromise on the quality of these kinds of instruments because, if you compromise on this the reading will be different and that will be a costly affair in this scenario of the pandemic,” said Dr. Sulphi N, Vice President, IMA Kerala.

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