Haryana’s Community Radio Helps Debunk Misinformation On Covid-19

The pandemic triggered change in different facets of life. For a radio channel in Haryana’s Nuh district, it meant a shift from broadcasting daily programmes to fighting THE barrage of fake news.

Radio Mewat has been operational in Haryana’s Nuh district for several years.

This radio station has been spreading awareness about various things, from primary healthcare to gender rights for decades. When Covid-19 struck the nation, its staff took upon the challenge of fighting fake news so that people would follow safety protocols and take their vaccine jabs.

Over a year into the pandemic, Radio Mewat is helping debunk misinformation on Covid-19 through a community radio programme every single day.

Radio Mewat has been busting myths and rumours related to COVID-19 through broadcasting programs, narrowcasting and various meetings in the rural areas.

Radio Mewat is heard by at least 3 lakh people in Haryana’s Nuh district every morning.

With persistent efforts, Radio Mewat has come a long way to dispel myths around the virus and is contributing in its own little way to the fight against Coronavirus.

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