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Hyderabad-Based E-Vehicle Company Empowers Women With ‘Mein ETO Bhi Chalayungi Aur Ghar Bhi’ Scheme

The luxury on three wheel vehicle which goes by the name of Trilux has10 units to run upto 100 km of range.

With an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and empower women, the Hyderabad based E-vehicle Company has launched a scheme ‘Mai ETO bhi Chalaungi aur ghar bhi’ which means I can run ETO (ELECTRIC AUTO) as well as my home.

This luxury on three wheels vehicle which goes by the name of Trilux has10 units to run upto 100 km of range. According to the firm, the scheme will help women own their vehicles by a ‘Take it on rent and own it later’ ideology.

The firm provides these women ETO vehicles to earn minimum monthly charges so that eventually they can buy their dream vehicle.

The Telangana government had released a policy that will be effective until 2030 which is to promote electric vehicles which will offer 100% exemption of road tax and registration fee purchased and registered within the state. According to Rajeev Kumar, the firm has achieved orders of 250 vehicles which are going to be deployed majorly for women pilots and women entrepreneurs.

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