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Itanagar Youth Establish First Self Funded Public Basketball Court

Located in the serene Lower Borum Village, few km away from Itanagar, Donyi Basketball Court is Itanagar’s first self-funded basketball court. 

What is fascinating is that  This 1200 sq meter basketball court is a hard earned result of 17 young, sport enthusiasts of Arunachal Pradesh Basketball Association.

The basketball association said that the scarcity in finding any good basketball court in their area encouraged them to build this public basketball court. 

The motto behind creation of this court as shared by these sport enthusiasts is to inspire more basketball players in the state and also to ignite the passion for the game among the youth. 

The construction of this promising court took off last year and according to Donyi, this humble initiation will not just strengthen the sport culture, but will also elevate the number of Basketball players in the state.

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