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Meet Alag Natranjan, The ‘Matka Man’ Of Delhi Who Serves Water And Salad To Poor

After persistence, the Delhi Jal Board has now given him access to potable water.

Amid the days that we live in, where we often complain about lack of compassion with numerous instances of violence and hatred, there’s a good Samaritan in South Delhi, who’s doing his bit to provide fresh and cool water to the underprivileged.

Meet Alag Natrajan popularly known as ‘Matka man’, who is committed of serving water to those who cannot afford to pay for it.

Hailing from Panscheel Park, Alag daily used to wake up at five-thirty in the morning to fill 70-80 matkas in different parts of South Delhi by riding a van with a capacity of 2,000 litres.

To make the process smoother, he upgraded his vehicle that assists him in transporting pure water from schools and houses. The van has a pump and a generator to run it.

After persistence, the Delhi Jal Board has now given him access to potable water.

Even during the lockdown, Natarajan chose to stay committed to his mission after realizing how many residents of the city must’ve been cut off from normal food and water supplies.

Pooling his pension, life-savings and occasional donations from Delhi residents, Natarajan says that his venture is a way of giving back to society.

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