National-Level Archer Gudiya From Jharkhand Forced To Quit Because Of Poverty

The whole country is currently congratulating Deepika Kumari and several other archers hoping they will win a gold in the Tokyo Olympics.

Sportspersons, who dream of winning a gold medal for the country, usually put in their everything on the field.

So did, Gudiya, a young archer from Jharkhand’s Bokaro. Gudiya leart archery with the desire to get gold for the country.

Gudiya, who has won silver twice in the state-level sub-junior archery competition in the year 2017, has several medals and certificates of honor.

But today she is forced to work hard in the fields to make ends meet. Coming from an extremely poor family, playing archery and representing the nation on the global map looks like a far-fetched goal.

Despite the presence of many public undertakings in the district, no one has extended a helping hand to support Gudiya’s talent.

Gudiya’s medals now hang lifelessly on the walls. Gudiya’s Coach Angela Singh says that it is unfortunate that a player like Gudiya is not able to fulfill her dreams.

Moving Forward, Gudiya hopes that she gets the help from the administration so that she is able to sustain her family and pursue her dream.

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