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Nearly 50% Dip in Apple Prices, Shimla’s Wholesale Market Suffers Due Covid-19 And Hailstorm

India’s popular tourist site, Himachal Pradesh that is also famous for its fresh juicy red apples is witnessing a strong blow this year.

A state that is one of major apple-producing region has ample of fruits in its wholesale market since the supply has been on full swing. The apples have reached Shimla, the apple bowl part of state from different altitudes.  

But the question is..who will buy these apples?

Ahead of the arrival of the popular Kashmir apple, the price of the Himachal red apples has crashed leading to a glut in Shimla’s wholesale apple markets.

The prices of apples have reduced drastically registering close to a 50% crash.

Last year, the apples were sold at Rs 2400-2900 per 20kg apple box, but now the same product is sold at Rs 1500-1700 per box.  

The slump has occurred due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the low quality of produce because of rampant hailstorms the state has witnessed over the past few months.

The orchardists believe that reason for the low in prices have been affected by hail which has damaged the shape of the apples leading to fast rejection in the market.

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