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Sangya Project: Being Queer and running a pleasure store in india

Sangya Project started off as an Instagram page imparting education about sexuality and pleasure. Eventually it became a store to sell products, aiming to better equip everyone with the tools to explore pleasure in a safe way. In the fourth episode of Ennovation, we speak to Ashish and Tanisha, the founders of Sangya Project. Ennovation is a series that focuses on ideas and startups that enable through innovations.

Both the founders were passionate about educating people about sexuality and pleasure. “I came out as bisexual when I was around thirty years old, it was very late in my life. I did not want the next generation that is coming up to be that closeted or that afraid to come out and really explore who they are,” said Ashish. “So Sangya Project started off as an Instagram page where we were sharing literature. Which then grew into a place where we started selling pleasure products for them, so that they can explore their sexuality a little more.”

The business at first received orders from Tier 1 cities, but once they expanded the product range to include a varied price range, and then added a Cash On Delivery feature, that’s when things changed.

“That is when the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities started opening up. There were pincodes where we actually had to check the logistics partners whether they deliver to those areas or not,” said Ashish. Tanisha added, that they almost immediately noticed that people were ready for these conversations, were ready for pursuing their curiosities on desire, and pleasure but were just craving for reassurance that they can do this in a safe way.

Being queer also played a vital role in their journey as entrepreneurs.

“If I weren’t queer, I wouldn’t be in this space The reason I want to be in this space is because I didn’t understand myself, I didn’t understand my sexuality. When it comes to having tools like these pleasure products where I can experiment with myself before going into a space where I am more vulnerable, this is the space I want to grow for people,” said Ashish.

“I think being queer is just everything for us right now. It’s the whole reason why we got here It’s affected the way we think, the way we interact with our customers, the way we perceive their stories and the way we receive their feedback as well because it’s such a sensitive area for ourselves. It’s played such a huge role in our lives,” added Tanisha.  

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