Strategically Speaking: Smita Sharma talks about Afghanistan Conundrum

India Ahead’s Smita Sharma talks about ‘Afghanistan Conundrum: How Should India Deal With Taliban?’, in an exclusive chat with TCA Raghavan (Former Indian Envoy to Pak, Former DG, ICWA, & Author).

The world witnesses the situation unravelling in Afghanistan along with the United Nations, the international platform to address issues that transcend national boundaries. The question that looms large is what is the role of the International Community in this massive human rights crisis?

“The United States is a part of the problem now and they are no longer the part of solutions. The ground reality in Afghanistan has changed and there is no way one can get over that. We need to wait for some stability to emerge, and then evaluate how the international community can play a role in moderating and advancing the process. So that, there is an inclusive system in place and Afghanistan doesn’t go back down the track it had in the 1990s, ” says TCA Raghavan, Former High Commissioner. 

Raghavan said that the International community needs to wait and watch, answers to many questions will come once the millennium generation, and conservative Taliban come to terms with each other’s aspirations.

Raghavan also explained the challenges in the evacuation process.There are multiple challenges as no country wants to compound issues by sending aircraft into areas which are insecure. “Certainly, nobody wants to see those repeat terrible images of people struggling to get on the aircrafts and dying as the aircraft takes off. To think of evacuation the first thing is some kind of stability in Kabul, only then can the emergency flights be sent,” he said.