Trader Cons Villagers By Selling Plastic Eggs In Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore

This shocking visual from Andhra Pradesh will be an eye-opener for all egg lovers. Scores of people across villages had come to Andravaripalle to buy eggs.

The incident took place on 19th July at Nellore district wherein several villagers were shocked to find that they had purchased plastic eggs from a street vendor.

According to sources, they were conned by a vendor who offered to sell 30 eggs at just Rs. 100 instead of the market price of Rs.180.

According to the locals, at first, there was nothing suspicious about the eggs, the matter came into light only when they tried to boil the eggs.

A buyer said that the egg was still hard even after boiling it for more than 10 minutes. When they tried to throw it, it bounced on the ground instead of cracking.

After managing to break the plastic shell, they found an orange substance instead of the yolk inside the egg.

Police said they are inquiring into the incident and trying to ascertain the identity of the conman. Food officials who are also looking into the matter appealed to the public to not fall for such cheap deals that sound too good to be true.

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