Zypp Electric: Building a Tech-Enabled Electric Vehicle Platform to Reduce Pollution

Zypp Electric is a platform that provides EV as a service. Electric vehicles are the way to fight pollution, according to the founders, and they've set out to electrify the country. This is the seventh episode of Ennovation, a series where we focus on startups and ideas that aim to Enable through Innovations.

According to reports, India has consistently featured in the top five most polluted countries in the world for the last few years. “I have my own child growing up in the country, and this really, as a woman, as a mother, scares me and something has to be done about it,” said Rashi Agarwal, Co-founder of Zypp Electric.

Rashi and her husband Akash Gupta set out to find a solution for this pollution, and set up Zypp Electric, a tech-enabled platform that provides Electric Vehicles as a service.

“Zypp electric is a technology-enabled platform where there are the right electric vehicles, we have the entire charging and swapping infrastructure built into it and we have the maintenance and care which is important for ensuring that if there is anyone who is riding electric, they get that support. That’s the tech platform that we’ve built,” explains Akash.

For the enterprise consumers, it’s a last mile delivery service where they provide a electric vehicle along with a trained driver and they manage all their shipments. For B2C customers, they provide scooters on rent.

“The beauty of electric vehicles is that it is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to ride. Hence we believe that women can easily ride it. The most important thing is that they needn’t have their own vehicle to start being a delivery partner. So one thing we’ve done, is to enable them, by taking the vehicles on rent,” said Rashi. Zypp Electric presently has 15% women in their workforce, but they aim to have 50% women in the coming years.

Presently, they have a fleet size of close to 5000 bikes. Out of that, about 60% are managed delivery service, where they have about 3000 riders, who are provided for businesses. About 2000 are run by B2C customers who use the rental service through the app.