Debris falls off plane’s engine in shocking video from US

Debris falls off plane’s engine in shocking video from US Credits: Chad Schnell

A shocking video has come out of the United States on Sunday (February 21) that showed engine parts falling off a plane as it was flying in the sky.

The plane belonging to United Airlines was going from Denver to Honolulu, Hawaii, and returned back as soon as the incident occurred. United Airlines tweeted “Flight UA328 from Denver to Honolulu experienced an engine failure shortly after departure, returned safely to Denver and was met by emergency crews as a precaution. There are no reported injuries onboard. We are in contact with the FAA, NTSB, and local law enforcement.”

The video shows massive debris falling from the engine into the neighbourhoods below as the plane made an emergency landing. The aircraft is a Boeing 777-200 plane which was travelling with 231 passengers and 10 crew on board.

Credits: Broomfield Police Twitter

No injuries were reported after the landing either on the plane or on the ground. Meanwhile, Broomfield Police, Colorado has shared pictures of fallen debris outside houses and has asked citizens to report on any debris that may have fallen near their area.

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