Viral Video: Elephant Bids Emotional Goodbye to His Mahout in Kerala’s Kottayam

In a rather moving incident, an elephant paid tribute to its mahout at his funeral in the Kottayam district of Kerala.

An elephant named Brahmadathan came all the way to Kottayam to bid a final goodbye to his 74 year old mahout, who passed away due to cancer.

As per reports, the elephant’s mahout, Damodaran, who had cared for the elephant for several years, died on June 3.

While the locals mourned the death of Damodaran, the elephant raised its trunk to pay tribute to his mahout.

Damodaran was reportedly active as a mahout and trainer for 60 years. He was Brahmadathan’s mahout for the last 25 years. They both were a regular duo in major festivals across Kerala, including the popular Thrissur Pooram.

In the viral video, the elephant could be seen standing near the mortal remains of the mahout.

Even as locals persisted, the elephant refused to move away.

As the elephant paid last respects to his mahout, locals witnessed the incident with teary eyes.

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