Biden Vows To Nominate Black Woman To US Supreme Court By End Of February

US President Joe Biden said he plans by the end of February to nominate a Black woman to replace retiring US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer/

Biden says plans to announce nominee to US Supreme Court by end of February
File photo of US President Joe Biden. (Image: AP/PTI)

Washington: President Joe Biden on Thursday promised to announce his nominee to fill the US Supreme Court vacancy after justice Stephen Breyer revealed his plans to retire. “It is my intention to announce my decision before the end of February. I have made no choice at this point. Once I select the nominee, I’ll ask the Senate to move promptly on my choice,” Biden said while delivering remarks on Breyer’s retirement.

Biden reiterated again his intention to nominate the first black woman to become a Supreme Court justice. In a letter to Biden, Breyer noted that his retirement would be contingent on his successor being nominated and then confirmed by the US Senate before he steps down.

On Wednesday, US media reported that Breyer had decided to retire after serving almost 28 years on the high court. He had been appointed to the Supreme Court by then-President Bill Clinton. Breyer at age 83 is the oldest serving member on the Supreme Court and one of the only three liberals on the nine-member body.

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