Bin Laden dead, Al Qaeda degraded: US President Joe Biden’s reason for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

April 15, 2021 | Updated 1:18 pm

Bin Laden dead, Al Qaeda degraded: US President Joe Biden’s reason for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan US President Joe Biden (Photo Credit: Biden Instagram)

Washington: President of the United States Joe Biden said that the US will begin its final withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on May 1 and finish its complete pullout ahead of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Biden also said that the war in Afghanistan was never meant to be a multi-generational undertaking.

“The United States will begin our final withdrawal beginning on May 1 this year,” Biden said. “We were attacked. We went to war with clear goals. We achieved those objectives. (Osama) Bin Laden is dead, and al Qaeda is degraded in Iraq, in Afghanistan. And it’s time to end the forever war,” he asserted.

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The US Presdient also spoke on how India, Pakistan, Russia, China, and Turkey have a significant say on Afghanistan having a stable future and how these regional stakeholders should try to bring peace in this war-torn nation.

“We will ask other countries in the region to do more to support Afghanistan, especially Pakistan, as well as Russia, China, India, and Turkey. They all have a significant stake in the stable future of Afghanistan,” Biden said in a nationally televised speech from the White House.

The United States currently has nearly over 2,500 troops, which is far less than the 100,000-plus it had under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

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While backing Joe Biden’s call, Obama said, “American troops, diplomats and development workers can take pride in their efforts to deliver justice for 9/11, destroy al Qaeda’s safe-haven, train Afghan Security Forces, and support the people of Afghanistan.”

Recent, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani informed in a tweet said that he spoke to Joe Biden and also ssured Afghanistan will work with US partners to ensure a smooth transition.

“Tonight, I had a call with President Biden in which we discussed the US decision to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by early September,” the tweet read.

“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan respects the US decision and we will work with our US partners to ensure a smooth transition,” he67 added.