COVID-19 India News: Medical supplies, Remedisivir starts to pour in as France, US, EU extend support

Many countries like the France, US, ASEAN and EU members, and others came have come forward in the time of COVID-19 crisis in India.

Plane at Singapore air strip carrying medical supplies for India (Picture Courtesy: MEA)

New Delhi: Many countries like France, the US, ASEAN and EU members, among others have come forward in the time of the COVID-19 crisis in India.

India on Sunday received several essential medical supplies and equipment from France to help fight the second wave of the coronavirus. According to sources, the medical supply from France included eight oxygen generators, 28 ventilators, 200 electric syringe pumps, 28 AFNOR/BS Flexible tubes, 500 anti-bacterial filters, 500 machine filters and 500 related patient circuits.

The total weight of these materials is more than 28 tonnes. These eight generators are Novair Premium RX 400 Hospital Level Oxygen Generators, with each unit capable of providing yearlong oxygen for 250 beds. These world-class generators would make 8 hospitals oxygen autonomous for over 10 years, informed sources.

“A testament to India-France strategic partnership & friendship! 28 tonnes of medical equipment including 8 hospital-level oxygen generators and other medical supplies arrive from France. Deeply appreciate the support from France. Will bolster our oxygen capacities,” tweeted Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.

According to a press release, this airfreight is the first phase of France’s solidarity mission. Furthermore, the second delivery of oxygen generators and medical equipment is underway due to the numerous contributions made by French companies in India with the active involvement of the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI).

Moreover, in the following days, French company Air Liquide will begin shipments of several hundred tons of oxygen through a dedicated logistical bridge organized by both governments and implemented with the Indian armed forces.

According to the release, the oxygen plants will be delivered to eight Indian hospitals, including six in Delhi, one in Haryana and one in Telangana, based on needs as identified by the Indian authorities. The 28 ventilators and 200 electric syringe pumps will be distributed to several hospitals based on needs to enhance their ICU capacities.

This special cargo flight has been chartered free of charge by the French shipping and logistics group CMA CGM through its air cargo division. Alongside CMA CGM, many other French companies present in India have stepped up to pool their contributions and resources with the French government to carry out this exceptional solidarity mission.

Belgium sent a consignment of 9000 vials of Remdesivir to India on May 2. “Shared interests and shared commonalities! Welcome consignment of 9000 vials of Remdesivir from our EU partner Belgium”, said Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi on May 2. While Germany sent 120 ventilators as a part of support at the time of COVID-19.

The US, on the other hand, sent the third US flight carrying medical assistance to India, carrying over 1000 oxygen cylinders, regulators and other medical equipment. This was the third shipment in a period of two days.

Soon after India’s close maritime neighbour, Thailand sent a gift of 15 oxygen concentrators while the Indian community in Thailand generously donated another 15 oxygen concentrators.

30 Oxygen concentrators reach India from Thailand

Oxygen concentrators being loaded off from Thai air plane (Image Courtesy: MEA)

Meanwhile, Singapore sent its fourth tranche of cryogenic oxygen containers by the Indian Air Force planes. The first, second and third tranche was delivered on April 24, 27 and 29 as a part of the procurement agreement between Tata Group and Linde Gas(India) Pvt Limited.

Singapore sent the 4th tranche of cryogenic oxygen containers to India (Image Courtesy: MEA)

Bahrain has sent a shipment of 40 MT of liquid oxygen. India thanked Bahrain for showing solidarity and timely supply of much-needed liquid oxygen to support efforts in fighting the current wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Uzbekistan sent in 100 oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies to India on May 2. The External Affairs Ministry sent special thanks to the Indian community for donating another 51 oxygen concentrators.