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Flights Cancelled, Schools Closed As China’s COVID-19 Outbreak Grows

New Delhi: Chinese authorities on Thursday cancelled hundreds of flights, closed schools and intensified mass testing of coronavirus infection in an attempt to eradicate another outbreak of COVID-19 linked to a group of tourists.   

While constantly maintaining a zero-COVID approach with strict border closures and targeted blockades, China was largely successful in eradicating the domestic outbreaks in the country. However, with China recording new COVID cases for the fifth consecutive day in the northern and north-western areas of the country, the authorities in China have decided to step up their control measures against the virus.

As per the reports, the outbreak is linked to a couple who belonged to a group of tourists. Reports suggest that the group of travellers started in Shanghai before flying to Xi’an, Gansu province, and Inner Mongolia.

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A number of cases are being registered in association with the trips of the group involving the couple in at least five states and territories of the country, including the capital Beijing.

Therefore, in response to the increasing number of cases, the local governments have started mass testing and have closed scenic spots and tourist sites. The governments have also closed schools and entertainment venues in affected areas, and have also imposed targeted lockdowns of housing compounds.

As per the data from the National Health Commission of China, a total of 17 new local cases were reported on October 19, rising from nine a day before. In regards to the latest data, 13 new domestic cases were reported on Thursday.

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 In some regions of China, including Lanzhou, residents have been told to not leave their houses unless necessary. Also, if necessary, residents need to present a negative COVID-19 test to the authorities.

According to data from aviation tracker VariFlight, airports in the affected areas have cancelled hundreds of flights to curb the new outbreak of the coronavirus.

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