G-7 Leaders Discuss COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Leak Theory at Cornwall Summit

G-7 Leaders Discuss COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Leak Theory at Cornwall Summit G-7 Leaders discuss the possibility of Wuhan Lab Leak Theory behind the COVID-19 pandemic Cornwall Summit (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: The leaders of G-7 on Sunday (June 13) discussed the possibility of a leak from a laboratory in Wuhan may have a connection with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic at their Summit in Cornwall. The discussions come amid the statement given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that all theories behind the origin of the virus must be probed.

Domin Rabb, Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb said that officials “compared notes”  over the theory that COVID may have started from a lab leak in Wuhan and asked for further investigations.

“That’s why internationally we wanted the review to be able to go into China to get all the answers, so that we have the full picture rather than these possible, potential, plausible options,” Raab told ‘Sky News’  as told by PTI.

However, he said that there was a large possibility that the virus may have jumped from animals to humans.

“We do not believe that it came from a laboratory. We think it is much more likely to have jumped from animal species,” he said.

On Saturday, the WHO chief had said that the possibility of Wuhan lab leak theory was being discussed at the G-7 summit.

“Yes, it was raised, and we discussed the origins,” he said in response to a question.

“The first phase of the origin study was not conclusive so there are four hypotheses, but [it’s] not conclusive yet. So we believe that all four hypotheses should be open, and we need to proceed with the second phase, to really know the origins,” said Dr Ghebreyesus.

He also asked for co-operation from the Chinese side in the investigation over the origin of the pandemic.

“As you know, more than 174 million people have been confirmed for COVID illness. This is actually an underestimate, it could be more. And so far, close to 3.75 million people have died. This is very tragic and I think the respect these people deserve is knowing what the origin of this virus is so that we can prevent it from happening again,” he said.

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