Joe Biden announces ‘get a shot, have a beer’ initiative to woo Covid vaccine skeptics

Joe Biden announces ‘get a shot, have a beer’ initiative to woo Covid vaccine skeptics File photo of US President Joe Biden (Source: PTI)

Washington: Free beer has become the newest White House-backed incentive for Americans to get vaccinated for coronavirus, as US President Joe Biden announces a month of action to get more jabs into arms before the July 4 holiday.

“That’s right: get a shot, have a beer,” Joe Biden said during a speech from the White House announcing the campaign to meet his Independence Day target.

The White House has already partnered with every big brewers like Anheuser-Busch to small Black-owned barber shops to large-scale push this initiative.

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“We’re asking the American people for help,” Biden said.

“It’s going to take everyone, so we can declare independence from Covid-19 and free ourselves from the grip it has held over our life for the better part of a year,” he added.

Biden also said that America is on the cusp of reaching the 70 per cent goal.

Presently, 63 per cent of adults in the US have received at least one jab of a COVID-19 vaccine. Biden also added how twelve American states have also crossed 70 per cent and few more are expected to match that this week.

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The rate of new vaccinations has slowed again to an average below 600,000 per day, down from more than 800,000 per day when incentives like lotteries were announced, and down from a peak of nearly 2 million per day in early April when demand for shots was much higher.

Anheuser-Busch announced Wednesday morning that it would buy Americans 21+ a round of beer once Biden’s 70 per cent goal is met through a promotional giveaway on its website that will provide USD 5 credits to the first 200,000 people to respond when the nation reaches the vaccine threshold.

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