Leaked ‘Xinjiang Files’ Show Images Of Uyghurs “Abused” In Detention Camps

Referred to as Xinjiang Files, it was sent to international media earlier by Dr Adrian Zenz, who is a US-based scholar.

File image: Uyghurs, Tibetans and Hongkongers gathered in Brussels to protest against Chinese oppression on Oct 02, 2019. (Image: ANI)

A rights advocacy group along with a consortium of media including BBC has published a report sharing hundreds of images allegedly from inside the Xinjiang concentration camps where China is believed to have detained Muslim minorities on pretext of the “re-education”.

Referred to as Xinjiang Files, it was sent to international media earlier by Dr Adrian Zenz, who is a US-based scholar. The leaks show thousands of photographs of “detained people” and also the details of an alleged “shoot-to-kill policy” for those who try to escape captivity.

Reacting strongly to the reports, Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom had hit out at the BBC on Twitter saying it was “a shame for BBC to carry the fabricated story about so-called detention camps”.

“Pathetic for the media, in cahoots with the notorious rumor monger, to once again spread disinformation about Xinjiang,” he said.

But various rights groups have blamed China for executing a genocide of the Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. Reports estimate that one million Muslims remain in captivity managed by the Chinese Communist Government.

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Last year, the Associated Press had said that Xinjiang was seeing an easing of barricading as methods it had employed to keep the people’s movements in check were scaled down.

“Gone, too, are the middle school uniforms in military camouflage and the armored personnel carriers rumbling around the homeland of the Uyghurs. Gone are many of the surveillance cameras that once glared down like birds from overhead poles, and the eerie eternal wail of sirens in the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar,” the report said.

It added that Uyghur teenage boys, once a rare sight, now flirt with girls over pounding dance music at rollerblading rinks. One cab driver blasted a Shakira song as she raced through the streets. But terror among Muslim minorities, however, was still prevalent as per the report.

Meanwhile, a statement from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, which released these leaks said it was for the first time that the files provide researchers with thousands of images of “detained Uyghurs”, as well as photos of “police guards wielding automatic weapons and handcuffing and shackling detainees” during camp security drills.

“The files also contain unusually candid speeches reflecting the state of mind of leading officials. They show Xinjiang’s former Party Secretary Chen Quanguo’s impassioned demands to treat persons from ethnic groups like dangerous criminals, to prevent any camp escapes, and to readily open fire to stop escapees and to safeguard the camps – outlining the extremes to which the state has gone to enforce stability maintenance goals,” it said.

Andrew Bremberg, President and CEO of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation said that the Xinjiang Police Files prove that China’s so-called vocational training centers are really prisons.

“These documents conclusively demonstrate that Beijing has been lying about its gross human rights violations in Xinjiang. The international community must take immediate and concrete action to hold China accountable for these atrocities,” he added.