Mali woman gives birth to nine babies

Mali woman gives birth to nine babies Representative image- Pexels

New Delhi: A Malian woman’s rare pregnancy has led to fascination among people. A 25-year-old woman from Mali, Africa, gave birth to nine babies, two more than her doctors predicted, in Morocco on May 4, the Malian government confirmed.

Halima Cisse gave birth to the nonuplets in Morocco. Mali’s government flew her there for specialist care. The five girls and four boys were born by Caesarean section and were doing well, Mali’s health minister said.

Halima became a mother to five girls and four boys even though she thought she was only carrying septuplets. As it is extremely rare to give birth to a set of nonuplets because complications during and after birth often mean that some of them do not survive, Fanta Siby, Mali’s health minister, congratulated the medical teams in both countries for the “happy outcome”.

 After doctors suggested special care, concerning Cisse’s welfare, the government decided to intervene and authorities flew her over to Morocco. As per a BBC report, after a two-week stay in a hospital in Mali’s capital, Bamako, the decision had been made to move Ms Cisse to Morocco on 30 March, Dr Siby said.

After five weeks at the Moroccan clinic, she had given birth, the minister said. The mother and her new borns are expected to return home in several weeks.

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