North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s $12,000 Watch Evidence of Weight Loss: Report

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s $12,000 Watch Evidence of Weight Loss: Report North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un (Photo Credit: Xinhua)

New Delhi: North Korea leader Kim Jong-un looked very much slimmer during his last week’s public appearance after a long time. However, it may be the supreme leader’s Swiss watch that gives the biggest evidence that Kim’s been working out on his physical appearance.

Kim Jong-un’s ever-present IWC Schaffhausen Portofino timepiece to have been fastened tighter around his wrist in the latest photos released by state media, as per an analysis released on Tuesday by NK News.

The Seoul-based news outlet compared close-ups of the Kim’s $12,000 wristwatch from past few months to support observations that the 37-year-old had threaded some serious weight.

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The weight of the North Korean leader has long closely looked at by spy agencies for hits about the steadiness of his secretive and autocratic regime, particuarly due to his family having a track record of having heart diseases.

As per multiple reports, South Korea’s spy agency revealed in November that Kim weighed approximately 140 kilograms (i.e. 309 pounds) and had added something around 50 kilograms since coming to power, back in 2011.

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“Foreign intelligence agencies want to know is Kim Jong Un healthy enough to remain the leader for a long amount of time,” said Colin Zwirko, a senior analytic correspondent for NK News.

“What’s going on behind the scenes, if he’s unhealthy? And how does that affect security in the region given North Korea has nuclear weapons.”

The health of Kim Jong-un became the centre of of global attention during his 20-day absence in 2020, where he even missed the birthday celebrations for his late grandfather and state founder, Kim Il Sung.

North Korea’s ‘Supreme Leader’ Kim Jong Un – (Photo Courtesy: Xinhua)

The Seoul-based news outlet Daily NK had reported that the North Korean leader had undergone a “cardiovascular surgical procedure”.

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