Sri Lanka to ban burqa, shut 1000 Islamic schools in the country

March 13, 2021 | Updated 5:51 pm

Sri Lanka to ban burqa, shut 1000 Islamic schools in the country

Minister for public security Sarath Weerasekara on Saturday (March 13, 2021) said that SriLanka will ban the wearing of the burqa and will shutdown 1000 Islamic schools across the country.

He was addressing a press conference when he said that he has signed a paper on Friday to approve the ban on burqa as it is harmful to “national security.” This is not the first time that something like this is happening in the majority-Buddhist nation. In 2019 also burqa was temporarily banned in the aftermath of a terrorist attack that had killed more than 200 people.

The minister reportedly said that “In our early days, Muslim women and girls never wore the burqa.” He added that it is a sign of religious extremism and that they will ban it. The activists are calling it another attack on the Muslim population of the country. The Sri Lankan government had earlier mandated cremation of dead bodies due to COVID-19 which was protested by Muslim families as they usually bury their dead.

Earlier, Switzerland also banned the burqa after holding a memorandum on the same which has been seen as an attack on the minuscule Muslim minority in the country.