Vladimir Putin warns the west about crossing Russia’s ‘red line’

April 22, 2021 | Updated 12:23 pm

Vladimir Putin warns the west about crossing Russia’s ‘red line’ Vladimir Putin (Photo Credit: @KremlinRussia_E Twitter)

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned all his foreign rivals against “crossing the red line” with Moscow on Wednesday, as he addressed the entire nation amid deep tensions with the West.

“In some countries, they have started an obscene custom of blaming Russia for anything,” Vladimir Putin told regional governors and gathered lawmakers in a speech broadcast on national television.

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“It’s some kind of sport – a new kind of sport,” The Russian President added.

Vladimir Putin further said that Moscow wants “good relations” with all other members of the international community – even with the ones that it does not see eye to eye. “But if someone perceives our good intentions as weakness. Let them know that Russia’s response will be asymmetric and harsh,” Putin said.

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“I hope that no one will think of crossing the red line in relation to Russia. And where it will be – we will determine that ourselves,” he added.

Vladimir also expressed his thoughts regarding the Western silence on Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko and claimed that his security services had thwarted an alleged plot by the United States of America to assassinate him.

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“Everyone pretends that nothing is happening at all,” Putin said during his address, referring to the West.