World Heritage Day 2021: History, significance and theme

April 18, 2021 | Updated 10:32 am

World Heritage Day 2021: History, significance and theme The Taj Mahal- (Photo: Pexels)

New Delhi: World Heritage Day is observed across the world on April 18 every year. The aim behind celebrating this day is to spread awareness about restoring cultures and teach people how to preserve the ancient cultures.

World Heritage Day 2021 History

To make people aware of the different cultures of nations, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared this day as World Heritage or International Day for Monuments and Sites. In the year 1982, the International Council and Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) suggested a day to spread awareness regarding the preservation of ancient culture and its historic sites. The proposal was adopted in the year 1983 by UNESCO during the 22nd General Conference.

Together with ICOMOS, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre supports inclusive and diverse points of view in heritage identification, conservation and transmission to future generations. The World Heritage Convention (1972) states: “deterioration or disappearance of any item of the cultural or natural heritage constitutes a harmful impoverishment of the heritage of all the nations of the world”. However, imbalances in recognition, interpretation and ultimately, conservation of various cultural manifestations continue to exist.

World Heritage Day 2021 Significance

This day gives us an opportunity to conserve and preserve the heritage culture which has ancient importance. The day’s aim and significance are not just limited to the different historical monuments and sites. It also plays an important role in preserving the cultural integrity of a community or country.

The history of a place can involve many points of view. The conservation of cultural heritage requires careful examination of the past, and its practice demands provision for the future.

World Heritage Day 2021 Theme

This year the theme of this special day is ‘Complex Pasts: Diverse Future’. Acknowledging global calls for greater inclusion and recognition of diversity, the day invites people across the globe to reflect on, interpret and review existing narratives.